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WordPress Security And Ease Of Updates

WordPress Security and Ease of Updates

WordPress Security and Ease of UpdatesWordPress Security and Ease of Updates – WordPress rolls out frequent updates and its large open source community means that security patches for malware are frequently updated. Due to these frequent updates, your WordPress website is much less vulnerable to a cyber-attack than more outdated platforms.

Compatibility issues are a thing of the past with WordPress, these regular updates means that your website will display and function as expected even when web browsers and mobile devices update their software.

If you have a managed solution, you can expect your WordPress web developer or website builder to run these updates frequently on your behalf. Unlike other content management systems, updates are simple to run and don’t require any down time or complex networks of staging servers to roll out.

Updates are simply run at the touch of a button and if you’ve used reputable plugins – testing and bug tracking is a virtually non-existent process.

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