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Web Design & Development

Web Design & Development – b-SEO & on-SEO.co.uk was founded in 2003 with the goal of providing businesses the clearest way to the web. Our key focus areas are: user-friendly clear and creative web design, well-coded web development, effective web planning strategy, CMS – Content Management Systems integration, eCommerce programming, custom web applications, RWD – Responsive Web Design, website management, Internet marketing and more.

On average 50% of site traffic is now via a mobile, so it is essential that your site displays and functions correctly on any device your customers choose to use.

However your site is accessed we ensure it will be responsive, intuitive and deliver a great user experience.

We don’t feel part of the nine to five grind, as we’re lucky enough to have developed careers we’re deeply passionate about. We take our extensive range of experience and pour it into creating captivating digital experiences for you and your customers.

Custom Web design

Custom Web DesignThe term “web design” has been used broadly to cover the way content is delivered to end-users through a web browser or web-enabled software. In our case, web design encompasses the many tasks and individuals it takes to come up with the actual “design” for a website.

We provide complete content management and e-commerce solutions, including e-commerce shopping cart software and a custom Internet booking engine.

High-Quality Low-Cost Web Design Services

Put your business online, professionally, for less than you think. Because we have been in the website design industry since 2003, we have a very streamlined process for building websites, that is fast but still maintains high-quality. Your website will be easy to use, pre-built to have a great chance in search engines, and very easy to maintain. We offer all the professional web design services your company needs to stay at the top of search engines.

optimizing and promoting websitesWe have been around a long time, since 2003 we have been designing, optimizing and promoting websites for all sizes and types of businesses all over the world. From small restaurants, to massive real estate firms. No-matter what you need, we have the skills and knowledge to get you to the top of search engine in Style.

Don’t Be Left Behind, Get Above Your Competitors with our online marketing services. Depending on your situation, you might need help with search engine optimization, social media marketing or want to run a pay per click campaign. In either case we can help you plan out the correct marketing strategy for your business, so you grow faster and larger than your main competitors.

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We provide Google search engine optimisation audits and services to businesses from all around the world.