Magento for mobile users

Magento for mobile usersMagento for mobile users – Due to people’s requirements are higher, technology is improved and changes day by day. To meet this requirement, Magento shop owners, essentially E-commerce one, need continuously update and creating friendly Magento-based mobile pages also plays an important role in the business strategy to optimize customers’ experience.

Along with the modern trend, when 1.2 billion people in the world are accessing the web using their mobiles, mobile gradually plays an important role in the e-marketing strategy of most companies. Let find out why we should optimize the Magento website for mobile users from following reasons:

Mobile everywhere

As being mentioned above, 1.2 billion people use their mobile to surf the web beside its main functions (communication). Surprisingly, about 80% of interest users are using smartphone, therefore, when they are on the internet, they are more likely to use their smartphone than computer.

Traffic from mobile

According to a research, in May 2014, mobile media created 21% in the total 51% of all digital media consumption. This is a strong evidence to improve that mobile owns huge and potential benefits when being considered with e-marketing strategy.

Mobile users are different from desktop users

Mobile users seem to buy more and bring more traffic to your site than desktop users. The simple reason is because using mobile phone is more convenient than desktop, users can use their phone everywhere they go which has Wifi or they can use 3G to access the internet while using a laptop is more cumbrous to carry out.

Magento-based mobile performance is different from Magento landing page on your site

Did you prepare and work hard to show up the landing page on your Magento website? So, do you know the core principle still keeps the same when moving to mobile; however, mobile screen cannot perform as similar as your website? If you dream about your success on business, you should consider this problem right now to create the responsive Magento landing pages for meeting customers’ requirements.

Google loves friendly- mobile appearance

This can be considered as the truism because Google always provides users the best solution for their searching. Even customers find anything using their phone or their desktop, Google usually gives the answer with the friendliest e-commerce page and in the best quality in their rank. Therefore, the friendly Magento mobile pages will be put in the higher rank than the page does not.

With five above reasons, do you think a friendly-mobile user is important?

Now, there are some comments you should pay attentions on during optimizing your Magento site in mobile appearance. According to Get Response, for the most effective performance, Magento mobile landing pages should include 5-word headlines, minimalist design, bright button CTA, and lightning fast page-load speed.

In addition, a pop-up should not be used in Magento mobile landing page because people will feel hard and difficult to close these pop-ups. You need to think about fat finger person when designing your Magento landing page and meet the mass of people’s requirements.


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