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Magento Development – Complex Magento development is the core of our business. Choose a reliable development partner and get a bug-free, upgradable, bright future for your ecommerce projects. If you are looking for reliable, high-quality, cost-effective and certified Magento development service, you are in the right place. Our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) UK services are based on a strategy of technical and content optimisation, authority building and content marketing designed to improve your rankings.

We have five years of Magento development experience and a strong in-house team of certified Magento developers who are skilled in complex development for the Magento Community and Magento Enterprise platforms.


We usually divide each Magento development project into the following stages:

  • Researching of project requirements
  • Project quotation, project time-frames calculation
  • Creating of detailed project specification
  • Development stage
  • Testing of development stage and more
  • Publication of Stage X for preview and other services
  • Testing entire project
  • Project approval from the requirements to the design
  • Project publication on live server – included PageSpeed Insights

Your eCommerce website is a sum of moving parts. From the content management system to internal and external notifications and third-party integrations, your website has to perform like a well-oiled, virtual machine. Your site needs to be easy to maintain and more importantly, easy to grow.

b-SEO has a team of experienced developers who have all passed the Magento certification exams and have attended various trainings and events to keep up to date with the Magento platform as it grows.

We have the in-house skills required to completely customise this exciting platform without compromising the core code, to deliver bespoke solutions giving your business a competitive advantage. With over 30 active clients on Magento it is the only e-commerce platform we work with.

Providing every tool and functionality retailers could ever need, Magento makes everything possible.

That’s why we became certified Magento developers, designing fully responsive, intuitive eCommerce websites that harness all Magento’s possibilities: because Magento means we can always deliver. We have over 70 Magento projects to our name, utilising both the older and newest versions of Magento’s software, that together generate store sales of over £50m per year.

Our team uses both Magento 1 and 2 to create highly customised retail solutions to meet every need and impress on every device. We use a core set of proven and reliable Magento extensions and partners, quality-checked to give you peace of mind.

But we don’t just limit ourselves to the basics – because we’ve mastered the core Magento code, we’re able to give you the competitive advantage by developing advanced functionality and plug-ins. You’ll benefit from better performance, increased scalability, and far more abundant opportunities for growth.

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